Island Home Baptist Church

 I went to Norris Dam State Park in Norris TN. Fun! I need to go back early in the morning to hike and take pictures when it is cooler. The museum and grist mill will be open on Thursday.   I want to drive across the dam too.  
There were 6 police and ranger cars in one parking lot.  They were all standing in a huddle talking.  One unit was a K-9 unit.  Three were in uniforms and three were in white shirts and ties.   I felt so safe I left my camera in the unlocked jeep while I went in the ranger station to get a park map. 
I saw many people fishing in waders and on the river bank.  I asked two men what they were fishing for and they both said trout.  I didn’t see anyone catch anything. 

  Rice Grist Mill


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