We perceive what we expect to be there unless something shakes up our frame of reference. 

I get up some days and go for a walk. On most days things are so similar to the day before that they appear not to have changed at all (even though we know they did).  Other days my frame of reference is changed and things are not the same.  That’s what happened today. I walked out into the world expecting squirrels and crows.   But there was a bonus! In addition to the squirrels and crows, there were Asians. Not one or two…there were many in this rural Alabama campground.  At first I was confused.   My frame of reference suddenly changed and I needed to see things differently. 

A similar thing happens each time I move to a new park.  The frame of reference changes.   Once it’s changed, there is no going back.

I enjoy having my frame of reference change.  It doesn’t always feel safe and secure, but it is growth for me. I much prefer non-traumatic frame changes though. 

This is an interesting podcast on this subject. Frame of Reference

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