Chapter 6

The Magician

The Magician is the ultimate card of manifesting. In this card; he points his wand towards the sky, his other hand towards the ground and he has collected all the elements on the altar before him. He recognizes his power to control and determine his own destiny come from within. His resourcefulness and determination will guarantee success.
When this card comes up your thoughts/beliefs are about to take shape. This can mean an enormous surge of determination and creative energy. He also reminds you to be careful what you wish for. Are you sure your goals are aligned with your best interests ultimately?

Remember also that what you believe; you create. When you catch yourself saying “I can’t” what you believe will manifest, but fortunately the opposite is also true, when you push yourself; positive goals will manifest for you.

Take your energy and consciously direct it towards positive goals and actions at this time and you will get a lot accomplished!

Source:  Spiritual Guidance Tarot

I’m not a big believer in Tarot card readings or other forms of divination.  I do enjoy the little snapshots they give of that moment in time.  Sometimes a daily card will set my creative self in motion and that’s how this blog came to be.  

This is part of the Inverter Saga. Tomorrow I will set up an appointment with a new mechanic to come out and start the RV.  The Magician, the ultimate card of manifesting, is a nice card for that endeavor.  One’s intentions and affirmations play a important part in manifesting goals. 

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