I recently spent a week in two hospitals: one on Wednesday and another for the rest of the time.

Day 1: 
“You have great veins.”
Night 1: I dreamed my IV pump was talking to me. It was saying, “The twentieth. The twentieth.”  It went on and on.  I couldn’t sleep.  Finally, in desperation, I called the nurse. She couldn’t hear it.  About that time I woke up and said, “Must have been a dream.”  She laughed and said, “That’s ok.  My husband talks in his sleep too.”
Day 2: “Sorry, hard veins.”
I was awakened by three beautiful young nurses who had rushed to my bedside because my pulse was 28.  They were armed with needles.   The needles weren’t necessary.  Their mere presence quickened my heart rate. 

Not the cardiologist, Dr. Edge said I would get a pacemaker on Monday and, if all goes well, I would probably go home on Tuesday. She also said I should ask the cardiologist because it was his call. 
The cardiologist, Dr. Cox said my heart rate is 100.  “It’s hard to tell a man with a heart rate of 100 that he needs a pacemaker.”  He said he would watch it one more day to see what happens. He did say I should get up and move around. That was a great change of pace. 

5:30 pm The get out of jail free card expired. I was back in bed with a low pulse rate. 
Day 4:
Pacemaker (DDDR) installed and things are looking good so far. 
Nine year battery 
Cellphone compatibility 

Day 5:
BP checked at 4am 
X-ray at 6
Nausea at 6
Might go home. 

After 3 bags of high power antibiotics I did get to go home, well to a friend’s house.  The IV pump was correct. I went home on the twentieth 

Now its a week later. 
I got my staples out today. The nurse said everything looked good. I go back in three weeks for the “good to go” visit.  At least I hope he sets me free.  

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