Someone asked if coddiwomple was my method of travel.  I immediately knew the answer was a resounding “Yes!”   I have notions of where I may go.  I like New Orleans.  I like to be warm.  I like new experiences.   I like the west.  I like seeing my family and friends. These things influence my journey.  All that being said, I often travel through the vast “cone of confusion” and that’s good too because it always goes somewhere interesting.  I’ve spent the last month or so in the cone of confusion and more is on the horizon. It is quite exciting.  So coddiwomple it is. 

I have never been much of a “year in review” kind of guy. I am even less interested in looking back over my life for whatever one is supposed to seek out.  But as I started thinking about my travels as coddiwomple I realized that maybe my life was been one long coddiwomple.    

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