Happy Things for this Now.  

1.  Clean laundry, especially sheets 
Life on the road does not always include a an easy way to make clean laundry.  For the most part I can find laundromats.  Sometimes I can’t. Sometimes they cost more than I’m willing to pay. Once upon a time in a magical place known as New Orleans I washed clothes in a laundromat/bar/game room.  Clean clothes, a buzz, and pool for the win that night. 

2.  Five Nights at Freddie’s masks 
My little friend and I have had hours of fun with these inexpensive masks. They were on clearance.  

3.  Warm days and nights 
I am elated that spring is near.  I am elated the weather is warming up.  I am elated the days are growing longer.
I do not thrive in cold weather.  I’m never 💯 % when it’s cold.  I will die in winter. 

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