The Happy Things Project continues. Once a week I post 3 things that create happiness in my eternal Now.  I feel there will be repetition.  I feel that each Now brings new and unique happinesses too.  

1.  My curious future:  The unknown that is created by every choice in the Now.

2.  Journaling:  I try to write in my journal every day at least once.  I usually wind up writing in it several times a day. Rather than have multiple journals, I have different sections in one:

Gratutude Helps and Heals
– my daily grateful notes 
It is helpful for me to start the day being thankful.

Dream a Little Dream
–  my dream journal
I don’t always know I dream and I don’t always remember my dreams. I write what I remember. 

My Affirmations
– Encouraging words to myself 
Never hurts to think good things about myself.  I have often battled negative self talk.  So I replace it with positive. 

The Card Game
– Each day I pull one Tarot card from the Osho Zen Tarot deck
That is my favorite deck. It’s a Zen thing. Zen is part of the name. Get it. hahahaha 

Phrases and Ideas and Stuff
– A miscellaneous category 
Project ideas, quotes, mykus, coloring and drawing, stuff glued in…this is the junk journal section.  Of course, all the sections are junk journalish to some degree. 

3.   I found an excellent deal on the LUMIX GX8.  I am excited about this new plaything. 

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