Today is a travel day. That seems so odd to me. I’ve been stationary so much in the past  months not moving has become my habit. Before all this, rolling was my habit. How quickly I’ve adapted to a stationary/sedentary lifestyle.  I need to roll on and get back to that routine.  

I’ve got my moving day checklist and I’m working it. I don’t want to leave something undone.  It’s no fun to have items rolling/flying about, doors or windows banging open and closed, or possessions accidentally left behind.  There are many things to check and it’s easy to overlook some.  I have before. 

Prayers and/or good vibes are greatly appreciated. I’m headed to Minooka Park. It is not far (10 miles) but I’m out of practice. Plus I have to back in. I’m not good at backing in without a spotter.  Maybe I can get someone to help at the park. 

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