The Happy Things Project continues.  Each week I try to post 3 things that create happiness in my eternal Now. There will be repetition yet each Now brings new and unique happinesses.  

1.  Children’s imaginings 
They are little muses running about spreading ideas and inspiration everywhere.  My little muse has gotten me excited about making videos.  On the current production schedule: Skateboarding and Elephantnado.  Stay tuned.  
2.  Reservations 
They take a bit of the doubt and stress out of this life style.  When you’re 34′ long plus a towed vehicle planning where to park is a good thing.   Options are limited. 
3.  Pigwings 🐖 🐷
Pig wings are on the menu at the BBQ place down the road. I am not sure what they are but if they are indeed the wings of a pig we now know why pigs can’t fly.  People keep chopping off their wings for food.  Stayed tuned for updates regarding pigwings. 

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