The Happy Things Project continues.  Each week I try to post 3 things that create happiness in my eternal Now. There will be repetition but Now brings new and unique happinesses too.  

1.   Zoos
I know there is controversy about zoos.  For some animals zoos may be their last hope. A well done zoo also provides a wonderful opportunity to educated people.   I enjoy taking pictures.  
2.  Amazing friends
I am blessed with some amazing friends.  My godson is one. He often travels with me and inspires me.   
3.  Campfires
Sitting around a campfire feels so natural and soothing. The smells and sounds of the fire and the woods at night heal my soul.  Maybe it’s in our DNA, ingrained after all those centuries of watching the fire. 
When I typed this I was sitting by the fire šŸ”„ listing to birds sing their good night songs.  The hummingbirds flit over for one last snack.  It will be dark soon 

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