I considered skipping #13.  You know, like most skyscraper elevators skip the unlucky 13th floor.  At least the ones I’ve been in seem to be missing #13.   I didn’t consider skipping it for long and you see where I landed on that decision.  Had it been more of a quandary I might have consulted an oracle or flipped a coin. ğŸ˜‰ğŸ˜‚ğŸ˜Ž

Now, on with the show!
The Happy Things Project continues.  Each week I try to post 3 things that create happiness in my eternal Now. There will be apparent repetition but Now brings new and unique happinesses even to what seems old.  

1.   Frogs With Tits
They are exactly what they sound like they are.  We had much fun reading the sidewalk clues and discovering the Frogs With Tits on the sidewalk by the Louisiana Supreme Court. 
Take a few minutes and checkout Random’s other art at his website.
2.  Gelato 
The Italians know how to make some delicious ice cream.  We enjoyed our tasty visit to La Divina Italian Cafe in the French Quarter.  
3.  Swimming Pools
I went through a period in my life where I avoided getting in the pool or the lake. Thank goodness I have recovered my senses and can enjoy the happiness of playing in the water. 

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