I got to FourStar Freightliner in Montgomery at 8am.  Right on time. After filling out paperwork, I went to the customer lounge.   An hour passed before my rolling home rolled into the shop area. The time passed quickly because the conversation was  excellent.   I spent several hours talking with a truck driver from Atlanta.  Tim is an interesting human and very knowledgeable.  Our conversation centered around comparative religion.  I learned at lot.   Very enjoyable.   That is one of my favorite subjects. 

The diagnosis is good news. The brakes, shocks, and air dryer look good.  He said the brakes and shocks look new.  I also asked them to do a general over all check of my  rolling home.  They found an oil leak on the oil pan and tightened the bolts.  I’ll watch and see if that worked.  All I’m getting done today is engine service, generator  service, and a gas filter.  

Six+/- hours later, the total was $420 and change for the services and gas filter.   Not bad at all.   I highly recommend Four Star Freightliner in Montgomery Alabama. I’m already planning to return to have the transmission and AC serviced.  

No tent is required. I’m parked in my rolling home at Gunter Hill Campground.  YAY! 

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