I enjoy writing The Happy blogs.  If you’re a new reader, the concept is to post 3 things each week that create happiness in my eternal, sometimes infernal Now. There will be apparent repetition but Now brings new and unique happinesses even to what seems old.  No thing and no one stays the same. From moment to moment it all changes. 

1.  A safe travel day
Living on the road, I’m always joyful upon arriving safely.  Of course leaving, rolling on, is pretty exciting too.  
2.  Pig Wings
They are a thing. 
I’ll be camped near the pig wing place for at least another month. That means I’ll eat there at least one more time. 
Pigs can’t fly because people keep eating their wings.  hahahaha
3.  Morning coffee
Part of my ritual for beginning the day is a cup or many of coffee.  That has been so for a long time. I can do without the coffee but it is one of a few things that connect my many lifetimes.  That makes me happy. 
Did something make you happy this week? Share it in the comments if you want. 

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