Happy Happy
Joy Joy
The concept is to post 3 things each week that made me happy.
There will be apparent repetition but this Now brings new and unique happinesses even to what seems old.  No thing and no one stays the same. From moment to moment it all changes. 

1.  Swimming 
After decades of staying out of pools, I have really enjoyed swimming this year.  Surprised me.  lol 😂  I have idea why I ever stopped.  
2.  Hiking in the woods
I am having a great time exploring the trails at Minooka Park in Jemison AL.  
3.  Clean Laundry
It is not always easy to wash clothes at a reasonable cost.  Lately it has been $3.50 to was and $2.00 to dry.  I do like clean clothes and sheets.  

Tell us something that made you happy this week. 

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