Happy Happy
Joy Joy
I’m still managing a weekly happy blog. lol Surprises me.    

1.  The Happiness Project  
It makes me happy I’ve been able to carry through on a weekly happiness post.  I have not been a consistent blogger in the recent past.  👍
2.  Super Powers
I have read some things about people’s super powers.   They often challenge the reader to identify a super power of their own.  After some thought I decided one of my super powers is a general feeling of optimism. I am happy with that.
3.  The Eclipse Coffee and Books 
One of my fav places is closing. I’m not happy it is closing.   I will miss the coffees, the espresso martinis, the food, and the atmosphere.  But I am happy that I’m currently living close enough to visit extra  times and try more of their menu offerings before this 16 year old hangout is gone.  I am grateful for all the good times I have had there. 

Share the joy.  If you want to, tell us something that made you happy this week. 

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