Happy in the fall of the year.

1.  The Precepts of the Order of Disorder

The Ten Guidelines

1. Don’t kill anything by taking it seriously

2. Don’t steal anything unless you can get away with it (and you can’t)

3. Don’t worry about promiscuity; no one would look twice at you- you clown

4. Don’t lie by pretending to know anything

5. Forget about intoxicants, you are already a mess

6. Laugh at yourself at least as often as you laugh at others

7. If someone makes a fool of themselves, pay your respects and join in the fun

8. If you can, smile. If possible, giggle. Whenever there is a chance, laugh with all your might.

9. Have fun.

10. Don’t laugh at Bernie, Yoowho, or Kuku….

2.  Dim Sum

We ate at The Black Pearl
in Homewood Alabama.

3.  I’m back at World HQ

My rolling home has been in the shop. One of the data units went bad and was sending a false low air reading to the dash. This caused an annoying alarm to sound. Graves Automotive in Calera AL did a great job getting us back on the road.

Share the joy.  If you want to, tell us something that made you happy this week.

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