Happy in the fall of the year. The temps are falling. Things are coming to an end. The road is calling me.

1.  FIVE RANKS OF KUKUSHI Order of Disorder

1. Disorder found. When you stub your toe, or fart in a crowded elevator- suddenly there is a weightless feeling, as if someone pulled the rug out from under you- “Wish you could get away?” This is disorder, which is hidden beneath the surface of all phenomenal existence. Disorder is completely incomprehensible and not very relevant, but it can be as fun as hell, so drop all your fears and leap in. A disclaimer- there can be an angry aspect of having the inherent meaninglessness of yourself revealed (to whom?), and this needs to be worked through. Disorder without compassion is just more of the same shit that humans have always fallen into. So, although it is not always nice, pure disorder is never mean.

2.  Politically Incorrect and Socially Unacceptable

I can’t help but laugh 😂

3.  A Buddhist Prayer It’s a warm, fuzzy kind of happy I feel reading this prayer for all sentient beings.

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