Happy in the fall of the year.

1.  FIVE RANKS OF KUKUSHI of the Order of Disorder

Honoring the disorder in your life.Once the underlying disorder is seen, you can’t just run around naked and screaming, at least not all day long. So you go back to folding the laundry, and working, and talking to people as though they weren’t insane, but always with your eyes wide open to manifestations of disorder within the apparent order, like dust bunnies and open zippers and children’s eyes and banana peels on the stairs.

2.  And then there was the sound the universe makes?

I’m trying to paint my next tattoo.

3.  ”This is not Mexico”
I heard this somewhere. I don’t even remember when. Every time it drifts through my mind, I laugh as I look at where I am that’s not Mexico. 😂

Share the joy.  If you want to, tell us something that made you happy this week.

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