Happy in the fall of the year.

1.  FIVE RANKS OF KUKUSHI of the Order of Disorder

3. Getting real. This is getting in touch with the disorder in you. It is one thing to see how goofy everyone and everything else is, but where it gets real, and the rubber hits the street is when you start seeing what a mess you are, and coming to terms and loving that about yourself. Bet you hadn’t thought of yourself as a phenomenal existence, you dope.

2.  This quote from FB

“It’s that time of year again. People being stupid but stupid runs deep in my house and I’m up all hours of the night so if they want to be stupid together we can.”

3.  Rob Brezsny

“You’re a star — and so am I. I’m a genius — and so are you. Your success encourages my brilliance, and my charisma enhances your power. Your victory doesn’t require my defeat, and vice versa. Those are the rules in the New World — quite unlike the rules in the Old World, where zero-sum games are the norm, and only one of us can win each time we play.”
These concepts brighten my day. It’s not competition. It’s team work. Let’s raise each other up. Let us raise the vibe.

Share your joy. Tell us something good. Raise the vibe.

Btw, this is still not Mexico. hahahaha

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