Now that’s out of the way. Let’s talk about poop.

The (rescue ring)* recurring (them)* theme for today seems to be poop.

I started the day (praying)* picking up puppy poop. Bagged it and tossed it. Skipped the tagging step. Then it was the chruch’s turn to speak out about poop. And the sign said, “Do Not Let Your (did)* Dog drop on The Chruch Property!”

Fleeing the possible wraith of the Chruch, I went to WallyWorld to exchange my pants. The clerks talked about how someone had pooped in the bathroom and the poop was everywhere. They were uncomfortable speaking of poop 💩 with me. So I decided to go to the poop 💩 room to poop 💩 . Later Sensei and I spoke of the poop 💩 .

The day is young. There is more poop to come.

*Words in parenthesis are messages from the god Autocorrect (l)*.

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