Happy in the month of all things Halloween

1.  FIVE RANKS OF KUKUSHI of the Order of Disorder

4. “Mutual deterioration. With the grime of the world smeared all over you, you smile and laugh amidst the ashes. As you become familiar but not too comfortable with disorder, you start letting loose and allowing the disorder to reveal itself through and as you. Whoopee cushions and red noses and clown horns are considered expedient means for reminding the disorder within phenomena-dressed-in-suits, and caught up in being serious, that it is still there and hopefully bringing it out to dance.”

Here is a symbolic red nose.

Let’s dance!

2. End of season sales

I like oversized sunglasses for 15 cents, pinwheels for a dime, and t-shirts for a $1.00.

3.  Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday.

Share your joy. Tell us something that made you happy this week.

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