October was an awesome month. Lots of stuff happened. Now it’s

1.  November

Every day I write down some things for which I am grateful. And this is the month I focus on gratefulness. I’ve found beginning and ending the day being grateful improves my attitude. It is a happy thing. Maybe I should share some. Today I am grateful for Beeswax Park.

2.  Sushi

I actually rolled my own Dragon Green Roll. It’s the first sushi I’ve made. Of course I had help and excellent advice. It was delicious too. 👌🏻 There will be more in my future I hope.

3.  Overheard: No sir. i dont want to talk to you i don’t want to hear it! They kept right on talking. The RV neighbor is inebriated and I’ve been hearing his phone conversations for a while now. They are humorous.

Would you like to share something that made you happy this week? Go for it!

As an aside, a friend has declared November to be National Introspection Month. #somuchintrospection. Time to look inside.

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