I’m camping at Magnolia Branch Wildlife Preserve with Belle and Elliot.

Today’s adventures:

We went to the Wind Creek Casino Grill for breakfast. I had a cheese, spinach, and bacon omelette, a biscuit, strawberry jam, unsweetened tea, and hash browns. It was tasty.

Afterwards we toured the impressive casino facilities: two gift shop, huge pool, gambling floors, hotel, buffet, spa, a couple of bars, game room, cooking classes, bowling alley, movie theaters, coffee shop, liquor store, amphitheater, and the Grill. We boogied to the music 🎶 from the rocking rock.

Back at World HQ we hiked to the creek and went wading. We hiked to the burn pile and picked up giant pine cones. Later we hiked down the road, saw some geese, and played kick the pine cone.

We hiked a couple of miles total. Pretty good considering one of us was only one year old.

We trekked to David’s Catfish House for supper. I had two catfish filets, coleslaw, hush puppies, and turnip greens. I liked it all but the greens. The prices were reasonable and they had an intriguing decor that included a phone booth in case one needed to transform into a super hero.

On the way back to World HQ we made a short trip to Florida.

I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

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