Here we are in March. Saint Patrick’s Day and the Ides have come and gone. I’ve found my next camp site on The Hero’s Highway.

1.  The Extra Kick on April Fool’s Day

My sense of humor gets an extra boost this year. The celebration of the resurrection of Christ and April 1st are the same day this year. I foresee some twisted and sacrilegious humor in my future. Bad Nomad. Bad! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

2.  Life

As usual life itself amuses me no end. Sometimes I find myself laughing for no apparent reason. For instance, much as I wish I had friends to visit in Kingston, Surrey County, Jamaica, I don’t. They keep calling though. hahahaha

3. Time at The Hill House

I stayed with my most excellent friends for a week. It is a sad and happy time. For me the Happy out weights the sad. Much love is shared. Much fun is had. Adventure abounds.

I am grateful for my rolling home. I am grateful for my nomadic lifestyle.

Much love to you.

Share your joy. Tell use something that made you happy this week.

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