It is a beautiful morning here. The sun is spreading it’s beautiful light across the landscape. Children ride their bicycles up and down the lane. It’s a quiet morning. Contentment seems to fill the air.

1.  What other people think

There were times in my life when I cared deeply about what others thought of me. Sometimes I cared what they thought of things. The pain that caused me was a great teacher. As time passed I cared less and about what others’ thought. I listen. I hear. I will talk about it. I was once described as a man who really cared, but didn’t care. Like a lot of things, I too am a paradox. Not being overly concerned about what others may think or say about me or about events or things has brought a lot of peace and happiness into my realm.

2.  I love my life

I have shaped a life I love, one in which I can thrive. I know it will change but for now it rocks!

3. Gratitude Helps and Heals

@Zeal4living recently wrote about gratitude. Starting each day being grateful helps me be happy. Today I am thankful for my rolling home, my nomadic life, and flexibility of mind and spirit to be able to live this way.

Much love to you.

Share your joy. Tell use something that made you happy this week.

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