In the spirit of enjoying the cold, I ventured out to the coffee house in Atmore. I am enjoying a skinny latte while siting at a window table in the sunshine. Chilly and windy outside.
Ethiopian French Press Gound Coffee
I picked up a pound of coffee to use in the French press.
Christmas bobbles The black ceiling and light fixtures
Atmore mural reflected in a window
After my latte, I returned to my RV and went for a short walk.
A lake at Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve Fall color: Red leavesFall color: Yellow leavesFall color: Yellow leavesFall color: Redish rust colored leavesFall color: Yellow and redish leavesFall color: Purplish leavesFall color: Yellow leavesFuzzy plant seeds about 4 feet tall

That’s part of my life story today. I hope enjoyed coming along.

This is a blast from the past, last fall. I never posted it. Don’t know why.

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