Scene 1 Take 3

I complain about Alabama. It is a place I enjoy being from. There are things I like about Alabama: the many beautiful lakes, the lovely country side, white sandy beaches, quaint little towns, and it’s affordable for the most part. I could list others items. But the one I really like today is that I can order my vehicle registration online and have it mailed to where I am. That is really convenient for a mobile lifestyle. Not all Alabama counties provide this service, but some do.

Scene 2 Take 2

I like Bock beer. Years ago I looked forward to PBR Bock when it came out once a year. I have not had a good Bock beer in several years. This is a “new to me” good one. #mylife #nola #beer #bockbeer #bock_beer #new_orleans #neworleans #abita #abita_brewing #nola_project #iphone7_plus

Scene 3 Take 3

Things that make me go hmmm

I was talking with a local woman at Bayou Sauvage and she told me it was a dangerous place to come alone. She was there with another person and two large bull dogs. She asked me where else I liked to visit and immediately told me it wasn’t the safest place to walk and that I should probably go somewhere else.

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