Viet My Market in New Orleans East

I’m at the Viet My Market shopping for kimchi ingredients and ask another customer if I’m what holding is a daikon radish.

She shrugs her shoulders and asks, in broken English, what I’m making. I say kimchi and she nods enthusiastically. And puts two in my basket. She proceeds to put a massive Napa cabbage, scallions, garlic, ginger (they are labeled pig feet), and carrots in my basket. I thank her. She motions for me to wait and scurries off and returns dropping shrimp powder with chili in my baskets. She nods that’s all the the things I need. I thank her again. She bows. I bow.
$12 and change later I drive home with a big sack of veggies.

Scene 2: At the pool

Kid A: “I can’t find my goggles. Where are my goggles?”

Kid B: “They are in my stinky butt hole.”

Kid A: “Mommy!”

Scene 3:


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