Scene 1:

It’s the Peeps. They are coming for me.

This unit was lurking in the pantry.

These two were hiding on the other side of mirror. They want to invade my morning coffee.

Beware, there are even Peepshows. Have they no shame? They are building nests and breeding. Check out their eggs.

Scene 2:

Follow through

(Folks say a lot of things. It’s what they do that matters.

If you tell someone you’re going to do something, do it. Maybe you get second chance if you don’t do it. Maybe not.

Patterns emerge and tell the real story.)

Or lose trust.

Scene 3:

Chao Slices

I tried Chao Slices today. I put a slice on a cold half of a Po Boy, heated it up and it was yum. It melted great and tasted good.

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