Scene 1:

I was as at the Family Dollar in Woolmarket MS picking up some eggs and milk.

The cashier rang it up and the man behind me said, “I’ve got this.” Both the cashier and I were confused. He said he was paying it forward. I said thank you. Took my groceries and left. There are a lot of good people in the world.

Random acts of kindness change things for the better.

It may be I’m looking kind of shabby and poor too. lol

Scene 2:

Boiled crawfish 🦞

I had boiled crawfish and grilled shrimp at Taranto’s Poboys and Seafood in Woolmarket MS. The food was delicious and the price was fair. The service was fast and friendly.

I may go back for a poboy before I leave.

Scene: 3

MQOTD: “It’s not about the people you lose. It’s about the people you save.”

TOTD: A phishing scam.
MSG:Your AOD card has been temporarily frozen. PLEASE contact us immediately =
at: 1 256-937-1286 !

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