This is from This is Not a Book by Keri Smith.

1. Seed podSeed pods

2. Something red A red, unripe, wild blackberry

3. The definition of a word I don’t know. Definition of palindrome

4. A puzzle to complete Boxes of puzzles

5. A secret codeSecret code

6. A scientific theorem
Bell’s Theorem
First published Wed Jul 21, 2004; substantive revision Wed Mar 13, 2019
Bell’s Theorem is the collective name for a family of results, all of which involve the derivation, from a condition on probability distributions inspired by considerations of local causality, together with auxiliary assumptions usually thought of as mild side-assumptions, of probabilistic predictions about the results of spatially separated experiments that conflict, for appropriate choices of quantum states and experiments, with quantum mechanical predictions. These probabilistic predictions take the form of inequalities that must be satisfied by correlations derived from any theory satisfying the conditions of the proof, but which are violated, under certain circumstances, by correlations calculated from quantum mechanics. Inequalities of this type are known as Bell inequalities, or sometimes, Bell-type inequalities. Bell’s theorem shows that no theory that satisfies the conditions imposed can reproduce the probabilistic predictions of quantum mechanics under all circumstances.

The principal condition used to derive Bell inequalities is a condition that may be called Bell locality, or factorizability. It is, roughly, the condition that any correlations between distant events be explicable in local terms, as due to states of affairs at the common source of the particles upon which the experiments are performed.”

7. Something that was alive Dead Turtle

*Part of the Death In Paradise series

8. A mapHand drawn map

9. A footnote
C.B. Parker (1994). McGraw-Hill Encyclopaedia of Physics (2nd ed.). McGraw-Hill. p. 542. ISBN 978-0-07-051400-3. Bell himself wrote: “If [a hidden variable theory] is local it will not agree with quantum mechanics, and if it agrees with quantum mechanics it will not be local. This is what the theorem says.” John Bell, Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 1987, p. 65.

10. Something that was lostShattered UV filter

I lost this UV filter when the camera landed nose first on the asphalt.

11. A piece of threadThread on the ground

As seen in Paradise Point Marina parking lot

12. A ticket stubTicket stubsSiluria AL

13. Something with a circle on itInter-dimensional Space Time Portal

Don’t forget your Universal Passport

14. A palindrome: MADAM

15. A piece of toilet paperA clean piece of toilet paper

Toilet paper hanging from WHQ’s toilet paper dispenser.

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