What a day with the Belle and E.

Freshly made bagels with freshly made cream cheese and Costa Rican coffee for breakfast at the Crestline Bagel Company.

Playing in the pool at an upscale health club. The body wash in the shower was decadent.

Spicy Pineapple Pizza and $5 Bloody Marys at The Slice for lunch.Enthusiastic pizza muncher

Eating with gusto

Mansion Live local music, food trucks, vendors, and dogs at Do Dah Day. Also there was the too drunk to be walking around around alone lady who came up and joined us for a minute or five.Do Dah Day reveling E and I

Aldis and Trader Joe’s for party supplies

Black Toad Dark Ale

Belle’s red Jeep ran hot. I entertained E while she arranged the tow truck.

Pep Boys was less than helpful

The tow truck and Uber driver arrived at the same time. I totally appreciate miracles, especially with a 2 year old and loads of groceries in the mix.

Back at the house. Everything put away. Chillin.

Late night run to Jim Burke to check on the red Jeep. The tow truck driver left it parked on the street at the service department.

E was a most excellent 2 year old companion during all these antics.

Back at the house. Chillin’ with a Black Toad. Black Toad Dark Ale

A great sleep.

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