Scene 1:

Imagine an auto parts store.
I pay for my quart of store brand motor oil. As I am leaving,

The store employee: You look like a person who has lots of adventures.

Me: I do.

Scene 2:

Things I saw today: a sea plane, two black snakes, and a red fox.

The fox paused long enough to make eye contact. That was very cool.

Scene 3:

Living, directing, creating the Movie of Me all day long, all life long. I’m developing my “letting go muscles”.

At WHQ this morning I made my version of huevito en salsa for breakfast in the movie of my life.

In my movie I went for a bicycle ride.

Now I’m chillin in a chair working on a blog and enjoying iced tea. Next the movie takes me to Columbiana, to Bread and Butter Road (I was attempted to talk a diesel repair person) and the to The Shelby County Museum and Archives. Ancient phoneAncient phone

On down the road I directed my movie to the Karl C. Museum of George Washington. This was a total surprise in rural Alabama. Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington

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