The mayor of Carbon Hill, Ala., Mark Chambers posted a disturbing message on Facebook.

In an all-cap post, which has since been removed, Chambers wrote that “We live in a society where homosexuals lecture us on morals, transvestites lecture us on human biology, baby killers lecture us on human rights and socialists lecture us on economics.”

A Facebook friend of his commented, “By giving the minority more rights than the majority. I hate to think of the country my grandkids will live in unless somehow we change and I think that will take a revolution.” Chambers responded to that comment by saying, “The only way to change it would be to kill the problem out. I know it’s bad to say but without killing them out there’s no way to fix it.”

WBRC called Chambers, during the conversation, Chambers called immigrants “ungrateful” and said the U.S. is in a state of civil war.

Chambers has been mayor of Carbon Hill, a northern Alabama town of fewer than 2,000 people, since 2014.

A town with such bigoted mayor can’t be a place any reasonable, intelligent person would feel safe.

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