Lots of RV work going on.

Scene 1:

Bass boat

Jesus Saves

Before I could get too involved with the hydraulic leveling system I enjoyed a little time getting “saved” by my bass fishing neighbors.

Scene 2:

These are the steps for adding hydraulic fluid to the reservoir. I had to clean the reservoir to read the directions.

Scene 3:

I snagged a cardboard box to lay on while I worked. I did not want to lay in rocks and dirt and weeds. I serviced the jacks themselves too.
Q tips and rags WD 40 & Silicon lubricant. These are what I used to clean and lubricate the four jacks. I also used a grease gun to grease the jacks.

All done. I added 3/4 of a quart of hydraulic fluid. The popping has stopped. I won’t know about the alarm until I move to Hartselle AL.6 days until travel day Follow my exploits on Twitter and Instagram