I was walking in a town with a younger man and a boy. We were discussing the murderer who no one had ever seen and who made the dead bodies vanish.

Suddenly there was screaming and as bodies fell to ground, they vaporized.

We ran. I was quickly out distanced by the younger two. Losing sight of my companions and out of breath, I stopped with a group of other people. I was trying to warn them. They did not believe me until people started disappearing. I snatched a skull from the air as I yelled, “See! See!” The skull vanished. I suddenly realized I was next.

Running into a school, I sought a place to hide. I ran towards the lockers thinking I could push them over on my assailant.

A teenage girl screamed. She saw my attacker. I grabbed cardboard to put behind me. Eerily, I was being pushed down the hall. All the while I was being choked with braided, stainless steel plumbing supply lines. I screamed. “Doctor save me!” Rising from her desk, the doctor addressed my attacker as she pulled the supply lines from my neck.

The attack was over. I turned to flee. There he was, a child crying in the floor. The Doctor spoke in my mind as I ran, “He is just a damaged child who needs love.”

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