Travel Day Yesterday was a travel day. I pulled a card from the Osho Zen deck. It was the traveling card. No coincidences only serendipities.
Traveling tarot card.

Commentary: “This is the Eight of Fire (Wands), titled Traveling.  While the traditional image shows eight wands flying through the sky, and some more contemporary decks show people moving fast, here we have something quite different.  At first glance, we see a mountain ridge, and the sun in the distance, with low-lying clouds or mist obscuring much of the terrain.  Looking closer, we can see a tiny figure walking the path along the ridge-top. 

Speed does not seem possible here, nor is there any clear point of origin or destination.  There is just the fact of traveling, which makes me think of the journey of life, and sayings like “The journey is the destination”.  We have to keep on the go, there is no turning back, nor even any stopping.  While we may sometimes feel stuck, that sense of walking on the spot is unreal – life is still moving, we may just not see it.  Yet, the sun still rises each day on a new experience of life.  It may be similar to where we’ve been before, but it is never the same.

Ha, I do love the fact that life is always different.  Like the idea that the cycles of our lives follow a pattern like the sun, or like butterflies wings.  It loops around and back again, and it may seem we’re in the same place.  Yet, if we look closely, we realise that there are differences.  Given that I’m currently in a place that hasn’t been all that great in the past, I’m hoping the little variations hold the key to a different outcome.

I am grateful for the variability of life.”

After a three-ish hour drive I arrived and proceeded to set up WHQ. There were no unpleasant on the road surprises. A reoccurring electrical problem showed off some but didn’t remain. Freight Liner say unless it’s broken finding the problem and the fix is looking for that notorious needle in the hay stack.

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