Scene 1:

Oh phuck. Overthinking and making myself miserable. Done Done. I’m done with that for today. The sky is beautiful and huge. Blue sky and fluffy clouds

Scene 2:

I bought a pack of MorningStar Farms corn dogs. I cooked one up and it was as good if not better than a lot of corn dogs I’ve eaten. Give it try.

Scene 3:

Some Christians are becoming scary. I read this on FB.

“There is an All Out Attack on America FROM Within, Unreasonable , Unsaved, Unamerican people want to take take take what the WORKING people have and give it to anyone not willing to work. Christian Bashing is the new Normal, People love the baby Jesus in December but hate the GOD/Man Jesus, SIn is Praised as the new good and if you disagree your a bigot. Well Im a Fundamentalist Conservative Christian who believes in the Verbal Plinary Inspiration of the Bible , The KJB, Virgin Birth, Saved by Grace FOREVER , Born of Gods Spirit, Adopted into the Family and I CANNOT GO TO HELL because of HIM (JESUS). I Love America and you bet your bippy Ill fight you for ever inch of it from sea to shining sea. Work , earn your own food and housing. Love it or get out. PS If you don’t agree with me its OK, you can be wrong if you want to. GOD<FAMILY<CHURCH>COUTRY”

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Not suitable for the closed minded.