I’m cruising down the Old Nashville Hwy. All is good in my world.

What’s that, a sign? Hell, it’s a low clearance sign. 12’6” clearance ahead. Danger! I can’t go there.

Fortuitously there was a closed business with a big enough place for me to pull over. I stopped and searched alternate paths or at least a big enough spot to turn around. Bingo! Neighborhood streets. Hopefully no low overhangs.

When I looked up, the La Vergne police were watching. It was clear the officer had stopped to help. My predicament was obvious.

Happily I rolled away.

Ten miles later I missed my turn into the campground. Once more the universe provided. There was a marina a mile further on. I turned around there. It was steep and barely large enough, but worked.

Finally I parked.

My new yard

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Not suitable for the closed minded.