It was almost an “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” moment earlier.

Ripped lawn chair

Ripped lawn chair

That big ripped out place was supporting my arse. When it ripped my arse went to the concrete. My feet were dangling in the air. I’m sure it was a humorous sight to behold.

Ripped lawn chair
As I attempted to get out of this chair trap, I heard and felt the back rip. Thank God it didn’t totally rip like the seat or I’d fallen backwards possibly hitting my head. These chairs should come with a warning label requiring sitting helments. I could wear my bike helment.
Ripped air rest orange lawn chair

Trying to avoid ripping the back even more, I pressed down harder on the armrests attempting to raise up my arse and get at least one foot on the ground. Fortunately the armrests held and I was able to extract myself from the chair trap.

Just another near death experience to add to the list. Hahahahaha

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