QOTD: “Love what you love, friends, and be not ashamed.” – Joanna DeVoe

Scene 1:

The only requirement for a Christian is belief and acceptance of Jesus as Lord/God/Savior. The one and only God! Everything else is someone’s opinion.

Scene 2:

Reality is magical. The more quantum mechanics I read, the more magical reality becomes. It seems clear to me that each of us is creating our own separate realities. Sometimes enough of us agree on a reality and bring that into some sort of group existence.

Scene 3:

The older than me man next door was hooking up his Casita to head south.
Me: Be careful out there.
Him: Looking up from his hitch, “NO!”
“Thats no fun.”
With that he loaded up his walker and the doberman, Agnus, and drove away.

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Not suitable for the closed minded.