QOTD: You can make no peace with the ignorant. ~ Carnival Row

Scene 1:

Grace emerges in the ebb and flow, not just the flow.

The waning reveals a different kind of blessing than the waxing.

But whether it’s our time to ferment in the valley of shadows or rise up singing in the sun-splashed meadow, fresh power to transform ourselves is always on the way.

Our suffering won’t last, nor will our triumph.

Without fail, life will deliver the creative energy we need to change into the new thing we must become. – Rob Brezsny

Ram Dass refers to the waning as fierce grace, growth through suffering.

Scene 2:

I spend most my day tutoring 3rd grade math. Boy

Scene 3:

Road trip today. I traveled from Sylacauga AL to Heiskell TN.

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