Scene 1:

Criticizing myself with the internal parent voice was one of worst things I ever had to unlearn.

“Excessively self-critical thoughts may often have their roots in negative experiences with caregivers in childhood. Studies on relationships and the attachments formed between parents and other primary caregivers show that the earliest bonds in life often have a significant effect on a person’s future relationships as well as a person’s sense of self.

Authoritarian parenting styles, which may be controlling and marked by rigidity, may have the effect of fostering negative self-perceptions and a low sense of self-worth in children. When children feel rejected by their parents, are not treated with warmth and compassion, or are frequently criticized, they may be more likely to grow up overly critical of both themselves and others. “ –

I was talking to myself in my parents’ voices. “You’ll never be good enough.” “Evil sinner!” And much more. Once I let that go, life got so much better. I encouraged myself. I patted myself on the back. “Well done!” Became a more common thought.

Scene 2:

I am waiting to get a tattoo at The Clinch River Tattoo and Coffee Company. Coffee Shop

Fresh ink. Kokopelli
A few days later.

Scene 3:

Four of the next six days are travel days. This is a different way of traveling for me. I usually park and stay a while. This is the first of the six. My CaravanI’m parked for the night right by the WiFi tower.

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