Scene 1:

Rock-N-Roll Sushi

I enjoyed some delicious sushi, an adult beverage, and excellent conversation at Rock-N-Roll Sushi. I met a friend there for lunch.

Scene 2:

Box camera WindowPainting of a man’s head.

My next stop was a The Gadsden Museum Of Art. It contained a very intriguing collection of local art and history.

Scene 3:

I’ll be leaving this location in a few days. I’m moving back to Paradise for a month or two. Pier at Paradise Point Marina

I hope to visit my siblings and my extended family there.

I also have a cardiologist appointment. I need to get those back on a better schedule. December is a good month to be on the coast rather than Birmingham AL (IMHO).

QOTD: “I have thousands of opinions still—but that is down from millions—and, as always, I know nothing.” ~ Harold Brodkey

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