I visited a church on Sunday. The first shift congregation was leaving as we arrived. Fortunately there were people directing traffic and pedestrians so no one became road pizza. We parked on the second level of the parking deck and made our way down and around to the edifice.

On the way I encountered a teenage child of god in a hurry to get to worship. The teenage girl hit me in the face while she was pointing out the way to her friends. She kept going. The next teenager in line apologized as she sped past. It was hectic.

Upon arriving at an entrance, we were greeted by the greeters. Inside we go. The environment, clamor and crowd reminded me of a busy airport terminal.

On we go to check in the child. We encountered some intriguing additional greeters along the way. Paw Patrol

Spider-Man and some storybook princess were also there.

Don’t forget your child reclaim ticket. Abandoned children will be assimilated! j/k

Onward for a stop at the unisex restrooms. Free coffee was available in the hallway. Additionally there was a coffee shop style cafe.

As we entered the lobby of the worship area we were greeted again and presented with information packets.

I shouldn’t have folded this.

I realize these are difficult to read.

Boxes of popcorn and sodas were handed out by lovely young men and women. The popcorn was delicious and sodas were all coke products.

We found some seats near the back. They were similar to this product.Chair
Slowly, the faithful filled the auditorium. On some unknown to me cryptic signal, the large crowd stood. In the darkened room the event began with welcomes both on the three big screens and on stage. New style chant like songs of worship were sung while the three screens played a hypnotic loop similar to this. There was swaying, raised hands, and a live band.

The actual “message” was a series of movie clips from Moneyball interspersed with Christian thoughts supported by the clip. This continues through 4 clips. At the end there was a invitation to pray their version of the sinners prayer .

At this point we leave to reclaim the child and go to lunch.

Safety was a big deal. The place was loaded with policemen.