Scene 1:

Another take on palm oil.

“Although palm oil has some of the worst PR in the world, it is a valuable subtance. Extremely shelf stable, it is used in a wide variety of items. Usually unmarked, the palm oil in your product appears as “vegetable oil.” But while palm oil is one of the primary contributors to deforestation it doesn’t need to be. Studies have shown that palm oil plantations in certain situations can be helpful for the environment. How? When land formerly used for cattle feed is converted into a palm oil farm, the biodiversity is increased, the carbon emissions go down by 99% (because most of the carbon emissions come from cattle that are supported by the land). Vegetable oil IS easier on the environment than red meat. So, if world demand for meat falls, palm oil companies may be pressured into converting the existing farm land into palm oil planation. A win for everyone.” ~ Post by Traveltipster

Scene 2:


I celebrate the mantra, “I don’t know.” It’s a source of power, a declaration of independence from the pressure to have an opinion about every single subject.

It’s fun to say. “I don’t know.”

I love to let go of the drive to have it all figured out: “I don’t know.”

I exult in proclaiming the only truth I can be totally sure of: “I don’t know.”

I empty my mind and lift my heart: “I don’t know.”

I use it as a battle cry, a joyous affirmation of my oneness with the Great Mystery: “I don’t know.”” ~ Rob Brezsny

Scene 3:

An auspicious fortune from a cookie.

Fortune cookie fortune

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