I don’t usually do this but there is some new feeling that “Time is running out” so this gets a whirl.

There were a few disappointments but overall 2019 was a great year for me.

There were no major problems with WHQ or my Jeep. I even managed to fix some big things myself and that made them minor.

My relationship with WHQ is more comfy. I’ve slowly been making it more and more my own.

With help from my family I put a new top on Jeepy. It was long overdue.

I spent a lot of quality time with my family and really enjoyed most of it.

I did not get sick or die and no people I love died. Those are always a win.

I took back control over two parts of my life that I had neglected and let drift into less than territory.

I revaluated my relationships and rearranged boundaries.

My tribe became more clearly defined.

I became more fit and as a result I lost weight and kept it off.

I physically and spiritually traveled to new places and enjoyed new experiences. Mindfulness was very important for me in 2019.

That’s a short list. Nothing really earth shattering and I’m sure I’ve left out things.

Thank you for reading, liking and commenting. 💛

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Cat in the window

Random cat in the window