What started out as a short walk by the lake turned into a two mile hike over uneven terrain. The Largemouth Bass Loop was well marked at the beginning but became iffy as I continued. Red trail markers painted on a tree. Cedar bench along Largemouth Bass Loop.

Nice benches were placed along the trail.
Abandoned plastic tackle box.

Abandoned plastic tackle box.

There were several old things along the trail. The bottom half of a large turtle shell.

Remains of a large turtle.
Backbone of some creature nailed to a tree

Not sure what left this behind.

Concrete fixtures in the woods.

or these. There were many things like this scattered about.

Along with the old stuff there was new stuff. Bridge over swampy groundNew deck

I love the support posts. Something to keep in mind.


There is a lot of work being done on this trail.

What did I learn?

I need a day pack.
I need to carry more water.
I need to take snacks.
I should have been wearing something other than sandals.

What I did right.

I carried a little water.
I took my big camera.
I went for the hike, the adventure.
I nourished my wonder and curiosity.

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