Here are my 5 favorite finds for February. Live Laugh RV suggested this feature.

1. Medieval Times

Medieval TimesMedieval Times

2. Crown Plaza in Atlanta Georgia

3. The 8 Best Fact-Checking Sites for Finding Unbiased Truth

4. Alabama Safari Park


Friendly Goat

Boar Goat

A nanny Boar goat and two kids



A pair of camels

A pair of camels


This large llama stood right in front of our Jeep. Other llamas surrounded us. They all wanted food. In order to move on, I had to ease up. Stop. Ease up. Stop. Ease up. Stop. After about 10 minutes of this, the llama allowed us to pass.

Elliot and I had an awesome time there.

5. Red Mountain Park

Steam Punk Glasses Sculpture Sad child

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