Scene 1:

A bad storm rolled through so I went to Hill House to hunker down for a few days. The storm has come and gone. I am still here.

Scene 2:

10 year old boys playing GTA in the den. There is a lot of killing and crashing. A father supervises. Lots of energy coming off the boys and the father. Three dogs lounge on the furniture.

The boys had a disagreement. One got mad and stayed mad. Negotiation are in progress. Crisis averted.

Turns out this is a 10 year old boy sleepover.

It’s all a little much for me.

Scene 3:


Sullen anger
Heart goes to dance
Sullen anger retreats into cyberspace
Annoyance oozes through
Rowdy children
Happy rowdy children
After the storm
Birds serenade the rising sun
The old house lies silent
Sleeping children
Sleeping man
Bathed in blue light
I sit alone with
Cold coffee
In a cold room

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Not suitable for the closed minded.